Applying for a Grant

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For over 32 years, the Glaucoma Research Foundation has been the premiere organization in glaucoma research funding.

We support new high-impact clinical, epidemiological and laboratory research based on our strategic research goals.

Strategic Research Goals

  • Protect and restore the optic nerve
  • Accurately detect glaucoma and monitor its progress
  • Find the genes responsible for glaucoma
  • Understand the intraocular pressure system and develop better treatments
  • Determine the risk factors for glaucoma damage using systematic outcomes data

Core Values

  • Involve people with glaucoma in the design, implementation and evaluation of programs.
  • Encourage collaboration among experts in many fields of study to achieve GRF goals.
  • Communicate research goals and results to the scientific community and the public.
  • Ensure that new glaucoma treatments maintain or improve individuals’ quality of life.
  • Encourage innovative clinical trial studies and laboratory research.
  • Develop cell and animal models of glaucoma to support research studies.
  • Facilitate and support the development of physician-scientists to advance glaucoma research.

About Shaffer Grants

Our Shaffer Grants are typically awarded in the amount of $40,000 for one year.

Researchers interested in applying for a Shaffer Grant are asked to submit a Preliminary Proposal Form. The Glaucoma Research Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for grant applications.

After we receive and review preliminary proposals, authors of proposals deemed by our Scientific Advisory Committee to have scientific merit are invited to submit a full grant application.

  • Preliminary proposals are distributed to the Scientific Advisory Committee for review annually, based upon a submission deadline the first week of August.
  • Within a month of this deadline, successful applicants will receive a GRF grant application.
  • To be included in the grant cycle for awards made in mid-January, formal applications must be received no later than the first week of October.
  • If a grant is made, a competitive renewal application may be submitted for a second year. Funding for more than two years will not be awarded.
  • Investigators must possess a graduate or post-doctoral degree to apply for support. We encourage interdisciplinary teams and collaborations that may lead to new glaucoma treatments.
  • Any papers and abstracts resulting from research funded by us must acknowledge the Glaucoma Research Foundation.


  • A piece of equipment that exceeds $12,000 (waivers may be granted on a case-by-case basis).
  • Salaries for principal investigators with an established track record in glaucoma.
  • Projects with overt commercial applications.
  • Indirect costs.

Preliminary Proposals

Interested researchers may download our Preliminary Proposal form (Microsoft Word document).

The completed proposal must be emailed to by August 1, 2011.

For additional information on Glaucoma Research Foundation’s grant program, please email us at

Last reviewed on April 05, 2011

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